21st Apr 2017

Evening Adult's Climbing Sessions

Peak climbing sessions are on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, school holidays and bank holidays.

All standard sessions begin on the hour (e.g. 11am) and last 90 minutes.

Please ensure that you arrive in time for the start of your session.  
Unfortunately, due to tight scheduling restrictions, a late arrival will reduce the time you can spend enjoying the Clip 'n Climb experience.

Standard sessions are split into 2 parts:

1) At 10 minutes past the hour, a supervisor will collect you from outside the café upstairs for your introduction, safety briefing and harness fitting. Please note: any customers who have visited Clip ‘N Climb Chelsea before are still required to attend this part of the session.

2) You will then have 55 minutes climbing time in the Clip ‘N Climb arena.

If you have not purchased tickets for the special attractions (Leap Of Faith, Vertical Drop Slide and/or Stairway To Heaven) with an online booking, these can also be purchased at our reception desk before your session begins at an additional cost of £5 per ticket. Please remember that tickets purchased for these attractions are non-refundable. Please make sure they are used no later than 40 minutes after your session has started, to avoid disappointment. Please do not lose your tickets as we are unable to replace them.

Our cancellation policy for standard bookings allows customers to cancel (or amend) their booking providing this is done up to 48 hours before their session start time.