Toddler Climbing Sessions

5th Mar 2019


Toddlers are a never-ending bundle of energy! 


One moment they are babies, the next they are running riot and your own feet can’t keep up with them. Days are lived at a faster speed and higher energy than you could have ever imagined. From the instant they wake up they need to be entertained and finding activities to engage their imagination and energy can be hard work. Siblings get roped in as entertainers whenever possible but what happens when the older ones head off to school, the weather is against you and your toddler is bouncing off the walls?



Clip ‘n Climb Chelsea is here to help. Our new Toddler Climbing sessions offer an introduction to climbing for dare devil toddlers during our off-peak quieter periods, giving toddlers the time and space to find their feet, encouraged and not made to feel intimated by older climbers.


We know how often you find yourself with a raw throat from shouting ‘Be careful! Not too high!’ whenever you are at the local park, soft play or anywhere they can find a ledge to climb on! Clip ‘n Climb is the perfect environment to indulge their minds and bodies with stimulation and allow their terrifying fearlessness to push them to new heights in a safe and controlled approach (without you your panic levels rising dangerously… it’s nice to know they are clipped in!).



Every Monday to Friday 10.15am-11.30am during term time, Clip ‘n Climb Chelsea, London’s popular all-weather indoor climbing centre, invites 2 - 4 year olds to join us for a morning of scaling the walls and testing their courage by tackling a new skill. A wide range of colourful walls offer sensory stimulation, engaging their imagination, while our open plan arena offers the space needed for high energy tots to tire themselves out. Clip ‘n Climb Chelsea staff will be on hand to encourage toddlers throughout their session and help them reach new heights. Climbing not only helps children’s strength and balance, it also builds self-esteem, creating trust in themselves and we believe that starting at a young age can help instil these qualities. 


Each session will incorporate 15 minutes of kitting up and 60 minutes of open climbing, costing £12.50 per child. Parents or guardians, who must be present within the main climbing arena for the duration of the session, can also climb for £5.50 during the same session, giving you the opportunity to share the activity and inspire your toddler.


For just £62.50, there is also an option of a 5-day pass, which includes 5x 60-minute climbs and a complimentary hot drink for the parent or guardian, plus a juice box and biscuit for the child per session.


For guaranteed admission to Clip ‘n Climb Chelsea’s new Toddler Climbing sessions, please book your tickets in advance via the following link:

Or, by calling our reception team on 020 7736 2271