Why Choose Clip 'n Climb Chelsea?

14th Feb 2019

Clip ‘n Climb Chelsea is a climbing arena like no other in London. An all-weather space where adults and kids can enjoy some healthy, action-packed fun. Our 21 individual and multi climber wall challenges of varying design and difficultywill test you’re your agility and courage in different ways. On top of that, our3 special attractions – the infamous Vertical Drop Slide, Leap of Faith and Stairway to Heaven- take the challenge to a new level and introduce some adrenaline inducing fun.

Here are our top reasons Clip ‘n Climb Chelsea is the perfect place for you to climb:


·       No climbing experience is needed

Clip ‘n Climb Chelsea is a non-traditional climbing centre allowing it to look less intimidating and can be seen as the entry to physicalactivityand exercise for younger climbers,as well as being a challenge for people of all ages. Each of the walls have different levels of difficulty, with different challenges that help climbers work on climbing foundation strengthsand improving technique. We provide you with all the standard equipment you'll need for your climbing session and give a safety briefing to ensure you are happy and comfortable. Members of staff clip climbers onto walls with carabiners and our automatic belay devices take in the slack as you climb and then lower you gently to the ground, meaning that a climber can climb a wall without relying on another person to belay them. Just get clipped onto a wall and climb, with no need to learn knots and belaying techniques.



·       We cater to all

OurGeneralClimbingsessions are perfect for a fun filled day out or energy burning activity for kids and adults, aged 4 and upwards.These sessions are the perfect option for families as both adults and kids can climb together, making them great for days out, parties or team outings. 


For mini adventurers and the climbers of tomorrow, aged 2-4, we offer our Toddler Climbingsessions every Monday to Friday 10.15am-11.30am during term time. This session offers an introduction to climbing for dare devil toddlers during the off-peak quieter period, giving toddlers the time and space to find their feet, encouraged and not made to feel intimated by older climbers. These sessions also offer specific sensory facilities allowing children to play and learn together.


Or are you looking to escape the kids and enjoy the fun for yourself? If so, our Adult Only Climbing sessions are the perfect option for you. Join us after work in the 6pm, 7pm and 8pm sessions Monday-Friday or at 7pm on Saturdays for fun with your friends or a great way to keep on top of your fitness. These sessions a dedicated to adults only to ensure you get a chance for some fun too. Why not try out climbing for your date night and try something new with your partner!


·       We offer a unique experience

Have you been looking for something unique to impress your friends or boost some excitement into a team bonding trip? Clip ‘n Climb Chelsea is the perfect place to do just that!


The centre is very different to traditional climbing arena. Colours and unique climbing walls make for a fun experience while, at the same time, testing you mentally and physically. This can be the perfect environment to host your next Corporate Event or Team Building day as it creates a challenge that can incorporate a large group, be it tackling a fear, improving your skills or simply cheering on your colleagues, to help boost morale and team spirit. 

The venue is conveniently located while still giving the feeling that you are ‘escaping the city’, and amongst the different spaces available, we have a private room suitable for meetings and dining space which can provide sit down or buffet-style catering options for all occasions.



·       It’s a great way to improve your fitness as you burn a LOT of calories during each session - it’s a lot more fun than a running machine

People are getting bored of gyms and looking for different ways to exercise. Climbing, and all of our fitness products, cater for these people. Our fitness classes offer a great workout in a safe and fun environment. 


Climbing is a great full-body workout, working on both strength and cardio. It targets your shoulders, back, biceps, and triceps, your legs and your core. If you’ve climbed before you will know that the day after a good session, you will often feel soreness all over your body, showing you the muscles that had worked. Add a Climbercise class, which run on Mondays and Tuesdays at 7pm, into your weekly fitness routine, allowing you to incorporate climbing with functional high intensity exercises.


Or why not try our Boxerciseclass? This high energy session, every Thursday at 7pm, will work you hard as you build up stamina and agility, covering boxing basics and striking combos designed to whip you into shape. Whether you’ve had a bad week at the office, looking to learn some of the basics, or just looking to get rid of some energy, this class will help you de-stress and balance. Men and women of all ages and fitness levels are welcome, with no previous boxing experience needed. This safe environment ensures that no class will involve the physical contact of sparring and is centred around group and pair work.

Working out shouldn’t have to be boring.



So, what can you expect from the Clip ‘n Climb Chelsea experience? 

Friendly staff, great facilities, attentive and helpful instructors giving high quality tuition and feedback, a variety of challenges on the walls, increased confidence, an intense workout and a lot of fun!


To find out more information head to the Chel-Ski website: http://www.clipnclimbchelsea.co.uk

Bookings can be made online or by calling us on 020 7736 2271